Global Woman Magazine Feature Article: Traveling & Humanitarian Work



Global Magazine, UK: Writer Rezarta Marta: If I asked people for a short definition of the word “vacation” many would probably mention an exotic place near a beautiful beach surrounded by friends and family away from work. But fortunately there are also people who dream of helping others as much and as often as they possibly can even if that meant giving up their vacation time to do so. Yes these people do exist. Dr.Vilma Luz Caban is one of them. A successful woman continuously pursuing ways to change the world for the better through her humanitarian work and her teaching skills, Vilma shares her nothing less but inspiring life journey hoping to inspire many others.Vilma speaks from a place of gratitude and a desire for better changes in the global community. She proves that often the most successful people happen to be the most grateful ones. Having a source of inspiration to keep her motivated and grounded is key to her continued success.  She said, “I have been blessed to have the love and support of a strong circle of family and friends.”


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