For so many years, as an academic, I was conditioned to type my ideas, theories, and connections within a limited format of peer-reviewed scholarly writing. In this style, academic practice dictates that the researcher must corroborate statements with fellow peer-reviewed findings and theories. Independent ideas must not stand alone. Instead they are anchored in proven theory or practice. The use of figurative language is too ambiguous and highly discouraged in academic writing. My only attempt outside of writing academically was my research blog…but that has not been enough for me. I recognize that it serves a positive purpose in leaving a research footprint for the next generation of Latina scholars. However, that is only one facet of my writer’s life.

So this journal (the written journey) is my next venture in capturing my inner voice and shedding light on what makes this heart beat..  It is my coping mechanism to keep on going. The inner journey is not always a private journey. It is one that creates powerful revelations which can compel the spirit to share as a gift to the universe. This journal is my modest attempt to do just that…capture and share uncontainable ideas, feelings, or hopes that have swelled up in my heart. They are the ones that rise to the surface. Rise…RIse…RISe…RISE.


A journey is the catalyst for transformative revelation. I guess that the physical act of STEPPING AWAY from your comfortable surroundings and objects can be a bit unsettling to your spirit…but it also can seem very thrilling wondering what waits for you as you proceed.

Our beings are designed to do just that…MOVE.  From the moment we were created in our mother’s womb, we moved and created ripples of sensation inside our beloved mother…a gentle reminder that we were transforming within her being and ready to join her in the next physical realm.  We MOVED through the birth canal, and MOVED in the arms that cradled us as we looked like ‘uncomfortable’ infants in shock outside of our former home…our mother’s womb.

We continued to MOVE as our bodies grew, crawled, walked, and ran towards our predestined futures.  It is the normal state of our beings to MOVE…it is our predistined form of evolving  physically, mentally, and spiritually.  When I am doing any one of these forms of moving or shifting, it serves as a catalyst for me to develop consciousness in the other states of being –mentally & spiritually. I suppose as I try to persevere in successfully completing a physically arduous task (ie. running, walking or swimming within a finite but challenging moment), I must TAP into my reserves that engage me in self talk (mental awareness) and transcending energy ( my spiritual walk).

WE must remember and help others understand that we already have inherited in our beings ALL that we need for our predestined journeys.  We must be aware that we MOVE with the inner strength, creativity, and wisdom to propel us towards all that is waiting for us—-OUR DREAMS.

Being idle in negative thoughts keeps you stuck.  It doesn’t MOVE you forward.  Sometimes in a time of need, we may find some comfort in a having a good cry or whining session. But BEWARE my fellow beloved beings…it is against our nature to be stagnant.  We must shake it off and continue to MOVE toward what is rightfully ours.

The nature of moving and actively being PRESENT in our journey is necessary as we deal with the many external events, people, obstacles, and journey “shifters”. These journey encounters are part of shaping us and activating some sort of change whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual.  As such, our journey is shaped by our positive thoughts, our gratifying moments, and our fulfilling sensations in this journey called life.  It is such a normal state of being that we grow accustomed to this external feedback that moves us forward or sets us back.

Sometimes we become disoriented and lose sight of the fact that we are the true catalysts of our journeys.  We are the true catalysts for our change.  There are times in our journey where we must make spiritual adjustments and take mental inventory of our course.  This brings me to the idea that sometimes I am MOST happy when I am moving towards a goal or an ideal.  Sometimes it is for the sheer pleasure of seeing something new.  My spirit yearns to grow and change and even though my friends, family, and myself proclaim me to be a gypsy (gitana), I believe we ALL possess nomadic qualities that can bring about our physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.  Some of us are better at embarking on this inner journey.  While others secretly long to be more courageous and MOVE out of their comfort zones.  They may even harbor a tad-bit of resentment or envy towards those individuals who have the wear-with-all to move towards the unknown.  But in all, we must always give ourselves PERMISSION TO DREAM and LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS that are urging us to engage towards our inner shift.

Listen to the soft voice that may be inaudible to those around us…but taps your conscious and gets your attention.  That beautiful heart wants you to engage in more acts of self-love and it has subtly lit a path of illuminating lanterns at your feet.  It has set markers on the road to self discovery as you move forward towards wholeness and peace.

Don’t wait until you get the right job, the bigger home, the ideal body or physical image you desire to have.  You must MOVE because the universe will move without you. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in a state of numb existence.

Move forward steadfast with a BOLD STEP….and a JOYFUL AND READY HEART.

On your mark…get set…GO!