Trip to Errachidia

As humanitarian researchers it is important to ask ourselves…where do we come from? What do we appreciate? How do we want to change lives? What impact do we intend to make?

Research PartnerIn order to understand the plight of so many orphans in this country…we had to walk many roads and ask…what are truly the social and economic struggles that keep such a large number of people in poverty and illiteracy. What are the humble beginnings that prepared us for the struggles that we faced.

Visiting My Research Partner's Village

We visited one of my Moroccan friend’s educational and economic beginnings.  It was 10 hours away from the capital of Morocco. We traveled through the Ziz Valley and the High Atlas Mountains to the humble village very close to the Sahara Desert.

Ziz ValleyHigh Atlas Mountains

kids learningDoctora Vazquez in the Desert

I had the opportunity to meet my friend’s immediate family and local neighbors.  It was a joy to see how the neighbors greeted this grateful researcher.

Errachidia Sisters

A Night in Errachiadia

Helping your fellow man

I had the unique opportunity of a lifetime to go through the Sahara Desert by camel as well as experience the small treasures of this simple and humble life.

Sahara Sand Dunes

Camel Ride in the Sahara


Beautiful DesertCAMP IN MEKNESIt was an unforgettable journey and I am so grateful to the research team for all they did to make it such an awesome experience. I was truly touched.

I am grateful for this work…I am grateful for a vision.

Visiting Moroccoicon social changers copy


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