In less than a week, Elizabeth and I will be flying from Amsterdam and landing in Nairobi to meet with one of the program coordinators from the Equality Now office.  She will be our liason for the program evaluation work we will do in TNI.  Wow…it is only days away.  I’m praying for so many things…cultural understanding, prime research conditions, and our well being.

Female Genital Mutilation among the Maasai of KenyaCollaborative project with Equality Now. Click the link for more information:

Program Evaluators & Researchers: Elizabeth Ndubisi-Ukandu, Dr. Vilma Caban-Vazquez, Ed.D and Dr. Tom Diamond, Ph.d


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  1. Dr. Caban-Vazquez,

    I am so excited and looking forward to our trip in a few days time. Yes, indeed, it will be a great experience to contribute what we can to the global struggles to end this horrific socio-cultural practice claiming the lives of thousand of girls and women yearly.

    See you in a few days in New York where we begin our trip!

    Elizabeth Ndubisi-Ukandu

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